It was long thought that the most terrible "acting" religion in the world is voodoo, but as it turned out, there's something terrible, and - this is an ancient religion of Palo, which in recent years is literally reborn in Congo, and Venezuela. Palo religion or otherwise "Rules of the Congo" by and large the synthesis of several denominations who preach the worship of the dead and a black magic practitioners, compared with a voodoo just childish pranks. However, it takes its origin not in Palo Congo and Cuba and the Dominican Republic. Preached the same religion, this African slaves came from Bantu (Central Africa). Now this is where Palo preserved in its original form and is interesting, modern "Palero" (so called followers of Palo), have white skin.
At the heart of Palo religion is based on two ideas: the worship of ancestral spirits and the belief in the power of nature. It would seem perfectly harmless concept, but once you stop to think so, as soon as you see the altar Palo called "Nganga" graveyard filled with earth, sticks (the word "fell" in Spanish means a stick) and ... bones recently deceased people.
 Palo priests are divided into "good" and "evil." Mean priests "are afraid of not only themselves but Palero and adherents of other religions, including voodoo. If these all-powerful black magicians will take someone to hurt, you should not even doubt - Affliction will be fatal and there is no even the most powerful psychic can not do anything, well, if only that he follows the doomed.
"Good priests" guess and predict, looking in the mirror, attached to the horn of a bull or a goat. But very popular for divination uses gunpowder - it is divided into seven piles and lit in a certain sequence. If ignition of gunpowder is in the same order as the ignition is considered - the spirits gave a positive answer to your question. Another method of divination "good priests": take a completely white plate. This dish "good priest" touching different parts of the human body (as a plate passes information about the client), then hold the plate over a candle flame and then study the patterns of smoke (like guesswork).

 After conducting a special ritual with just separated from the flesh of human bones. The spectacle, I must say, not for the faint of heart, "newbies" and the casual viewer (though hardly anyone gets there by chance, at least, not for priests) come to the indescribable horror, say some because of it and did not recover .
The main supplier of "ritual bones Palo became the cemetery Cementerio del sur in Karakose. The cemetery all the time prowling scary types sometimes armed not only with shovels. Fresh graves are constantly torn, and the coffin opened. Sometimes, the bodies disappear completely, sometimes only the head or body, and it happens that the bones are separated from the flesh on the spot, but the flesh is naturally left, and the bones carried away. Especially popular among the "Palero" are the corpses of young people, particularly girls.
Things reached the point that the cemetery are afraid to come, not only relatives of the deceased, but also security, designed to observe the procedure in the graveyard, does not depart from the gate more than a hundred meters. All this is very unfortunate, because at Cementerio del sur buried not only ordinary citizens but also many famous people. Prior to frequent here vandals, tourists can admire the beautiful sculptures and beautiful crosses the family vault. Cemetery is included in all tourist guides, and pomp and finery Cementerio del sur compared with the famous Parisian cemetery Pere Lachaise.