Lilliputians - people are very short. If the growth of adult human is less than 140 cm, the doctors diagnose dwarfism. But the small size and all the associated health problems and other inconveniences for many of the "little people" do not constitute serious obstacles on the path to fame and success.
 1. Verne Troyer - the famous American actor, who works in the genre, when the comedian talks directly to the public (stand-up-gum). Particular known for his role of Mini-Mi in the movie "Austin Powers: The Spy Who Shagged Me. " Verne was born on January 1, 1969, now its growth is about 82 cm
 2. Thapa Magar was born Hagendra in Nepal October 14, 1992. At first he was known as the little boy (the villagers called him "Little Buddha"), and when the 14 October 2010 he was 18, he was in Guinness Book of Records as the most diminutive man in the world. His height is only 67.08 cm
 3. Jason Acuna. Born May 16, 1973. Now its growth is only 123 cm, but this does not prevent him professionally skateboarding. Jason often acted in various films.
 4. Tony Cox. Born March 31, 1958, now its growth is 107 cm, Tony - a successful actor and producer. He starred in the famous film of George Lucas' "Willow" and "Star Wars: Episode VI - Return of the Jedi, as well as in the popular comedy" Bad Santa, "" Epic Movie "," Me, Myself and Irene. " This year should leave his film "Guns, chicks and excitement."
 5. Ho Pinpin was born in China July 13, 1988, died at age 21 March 31, 2010. His height was 74 cm, and in due time according to the Guinness book of records Ho was the shortish man, able to walk independently. Two sisters, Hae women of normal growth. This photo shows Ho Pinpin holding the hand of Sultan Kosena - the tallest man in the world (his height of 2 m 47 cm).
 6. Clarence Chesterfield Hoverton nicknamed "Little Mayor. " Born on February 9 1913 in Oregon. Its growth was only 66 cm
 7. Thapa Magar Hagendra at his home in Baglung district. The picture was taken October 14, 2010.
 8. Warwick Davis was born in the United Kingdom February 3, 1970, now its growth is 107 cm Warwick does a highly successful career in film. The first film with his participation came in 1982, and since then he never stops acting. The most famous films with his participation "Star Wars"and "Willow", George Lucas, "Leprechaun, " "Harry Potter", "The Chronicles of Narnia. "
 9. Vance Swift was born in 1916, his height was 78 cm He was known as "the smallest dwarf America. " Vance Swift was a magician, well played on xylophone and built model airplanes.
 10. David Rappaport (November 23, 1951 - May 2, 1990) was one of the most famous actor-dwarfs. His height is 1m 19 cm, but he loved to introduce journalists to mislead all the time and tell them different numbers.
 11. In the picture: He Pinpin (75 cm) and a shepherd of China Bao Sishun (2 m 36 cm). July 13, 2007.
 12. Pauline Masters, was born February 26, 1876 in Ossendrehte, The Netherlands. Her height was only 58 cm
 13. Another photo Hae Pinpina. Here he poses with the most long-legged woman in the world - the Russian woman, Svetlana Pankratova (according to the Guinness book of records the length of her legs is 132 cm). September 16, 2008, London.
 14. Roel van Velzen was born March 20, 1978 in the Netherlands. Well-known musician. His height is 149 cm, ie it refers rather to the usual stunted people.
 15. American Peter Dinkleydzh was born in Morristown June 11, 1989. A successful stage and film actor, his height is 1 meter 35 centimeters for her role in "The Stationmaster" Peter has been nominated for many awards, of which received a very prestigious "Satellite Award for the International Press Academy nomination for exceptional talent. "
 16. One of the youngest people in the world 24-year-old Colombian, Edward Hernandez Niño has increased only 70 cm and weighs 10 kg. In the photo, he and his brother shows his certificate Book world record holder. September 7, 2010.
 17. Premiere of "Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows," on Nov. 11, 2010 Warwick Davis, who played in the movie goblin Griphook, poses on the red carpet.
 18. One of the smallest population of Yemen Yahya bin Yahya al-Ghadera. In the Yemeni constitution there are no limits to growth for anyone who wants to run for president, but he still denied it due to its growth, which is 80 cm photograph on July 9, 2006.
19. Growth of one of the most popular Hollywood actors and directors Danny DeVito is 1 meter 52 cm This growth is just a little, and do not fall into the category of medical diagnoses. Shooting schedule Danny De Vito is very dense, so far 66-year-old actor has worked in 169 films.