Their music can range from mellow to avant-garde. But their behavior is sometimes downright outrageous. Here’s a look at some musicians who are known as much for their idiosyncrasies as their music. For many, taking the hard-living route has had tragic consequences.

Keith Richards
A founding member of this Rock and Roll Hall of Fame band, Richards has written a tell-all book about his decades in music. This "Pirates" character says he was influenced heavily by musicians, including this one.

Ozzy Obsbourne
The rocker was the frontman of this dark band. In music circles, he is known as this, but he is simply hubby to this former reality TV judge and dad to these folks.

Keith Moon
Moon was the drummer for this seminal British band. He is regarded as having revolutionized the role of drummers in rock bands, influencing such drumming greats as Ginger Baker and John Bonham.

Jim Morrison
Morrison, the dark and brooding lead singer for this popular band went by a memorable nickname. When he died in 1971, he was buried in a historic Paris cemetery where his grave is still a tourist attraction.

Jerry Lee Lewis
A Louisiana native, he was part of the first wave of musicians who combined country, gospel and blues to create a new genre. He has been performing for more than 60 years. See him perform his biggest hit.

Phil Spector
An iconic music producer for decades, Spector is known for inventing a production style. His career included producing songs that became rock standards and working with a popular band from Liverpool.

Ike Turner
Turner is best known as the "Ike" of this pop and soul duo of the 1960s and '70s. Together, the team won a Grammy for a classic. See them perform it. Although his career lagged before his death in 2007, his ex-wife went on to worldwide success.

Sid Vicious
Vicious was the face of a new genre of rock that hit America in the late 1970s as part of this seminal band. He and his girlfriend were immortalized in this 1986 biopic

Rick James
James was a popular funk and R&B artist of the 1970s and 80s. His biggest hit has been sampled in music by MC Hammer and Jay-Z.

Michael Hutchence
The lead singer of this Australian band, Hutchence was also an accomplished songwriter. At the start of his career, he joined up with a group of brothers.

Courtney Love
Although Love is probably better known as the wife of a grunge musician, she has an artistic life of her own as lead singer of this band and as a sometime actress.

Syd Barrett
Barrett was a founding member of this popular band. He left the band in 1968, went solo briefly and became a recluse until his death in 2006. Other members of the band did this song about him